Adverse Beginnings to Financial Leadership with Justin Buonomo
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Adverse Beginnings to Financial Leadership with Justin Buonomo

🎙️ Insightful Conversation with Justin Buonomo!

Had an amazing discussion with Justin Buonomo about the financial lessons we learn from childhood and how they shape our relationship with money. We all have an inherent comfort level with risk, but our environment and upbringing play a significant role too.

Reflecting on our past, we can ask ourselves:

  • Did our parents have an abundance mindset, trusting they'd always be taken care of, or did they often say, "money doesn’t grow on trees"?
  • Did they discuss investing and compounding, or did they struggle to make ends meet until the next paycheck?

In Justin’s experience, his parents earned well but also spent lavishly, leading to a volatile financial lifestyle.

Justin, now the CEO of Journey to Financial Freedom, provides financial coaching to business owners and executives. He believes that most business issues stem from personal problems, often financial ones, leaking into the professional realm.

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