Business Finance and Soul

Business Finance and Soul

Business, Finance and Soul is a podcast created for the curious, a conversation for those interested in Business strategies, Personal Finance and the driving force behind it all. As an entrepreneur and a father, I have a deep respect for the work we do in our lives. Growing up and watching my grandparents struggle with their Personal Finances, I committed to learning this magical language.

Over the years, as my business became more successful and I achieved financial freedom, I felt like something was missing. After a life changing introduction to meditation, I discovered a deeper satisfaction for the work I had been doing. I have found that Life is about finding meaning in our journey and curiosity illuminates the path. I hope you enjoy Business, Finance and Soul.

Our Desire To See The Future
July 16, 2024x
18:5915.41 MB

Our Desire To See The Future

As humans, we have an intrinsic desire to see around the corner, to know what the future holds. This yearning is rooted in our need for preparedness and safety. The unknown can be intimidating, evoking feelings of anxiety and fear. We crave certainty because it provides a sense of control and comfo...

Creating Your Vision and 25 Years In My Relationship
July 09, 2024x
24:5920.49 MB

Creating Your Vision and 25 Years In My Relationship

Navigating Relationships with Vision and Communication Episode Theme: Today I celebrate 25 years of commitment to my wife. In fact, my anniversary got me thinking about personal and professional relationships. As I reflect on the journey of my marriage, it was abundantly clear that my wife and I ha...

The Power of Perspective
July 04, 2024x
16:4313.7 MB

The Power of Perspective

The Power of Perspective: Navigating Life’s Challenges with a New Lens Life is full of twists and turns, whether you’re steering a startup through turbulent waters or grappling with personal challenges that feel insurmountable. The key to navigating these tumultuous moments often lies in one crucial...

Interview Strategy - Scenario, Solution, Outcome
June 25, 2024x
13:3111.4 MB

Interview Strategy - Scenario, Solution, Outcome

Mastering Interviews with SSO Method In this episode, I highlight the SSO (Scenario, Solution, Outcome) method as a powerful tool for showcasing your skills and experiences. Companies looking for the best talent and candidates seeking a new opportunity, should utilize SSO. Key Highlights: SSO and S...

Teaching Through Discipline
June 18, 2024x
17:1114.05 MB

Teaching Through Discipline

Embracing Discipline as a Path to Growth In this episode, I explore the concept of discipline, uncovering its true essence and purpose beyond the common misconception of it being synonymous with punishment. Here are the key highlights: Origins and Meaning: Explore the Latin roots of the word “disci...

Financial Personalities with Gary Arblaster
June 11, 2024x
55:5745.33 MB

Financial Personalities with Gary Arblaster

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Gary Arblaster to discuss the importance of financial self-awareness. Gary's perspective on personal finance is truly enlightening—he emphasizes that personal finance is exactly that: personal. According to Gary, everything begins with us. Our perceptions and...

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Nice to meet you, I'm Shaun! I am the founder and CEO of Transition Staffing Group. I was born a curious soul and I love deep diving into a myriad of subjects. My favorite subjects happen to be Business, Personal Finance and Consciousness. I created Business, Finance and Soul to create community with others who share similar interests.

My goal has always been to spark a conversation and my North Star is to focus on delivering subjects where I can directly offer opinions, insights and curiosity. 

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