Creating Your Vision and 25 Years In My Relationship
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Creating Your Vision and 25 Years In My Relationship

Navigating Relationships with Vision and Communication

Episode Theme: Today I celebrate 25 years of commitment to my wife. In fact, my anniversary got me thinking about personal and professional relationships. As I reflect on the journey of my marriage, it was abundantly clear that my wife and I have always shared our dreams. Our vision of what a future together might look like. How we would like to experience a future reality together. 

Our life has not always gone to plan, but we are both bought into each other’s vision. There is little difference when leading a company or a team.

Personal and professional relationships are very similar on many fronts. In this episode, I explore both, and I share both my successes and my missteps. 

Key Discussion Points:

  1. The North Star Principle:
    • Understanding and identifying your guiding principles to navigate through life’s decisions and opportunities.
    • How a “north star” can provide direction and purpose in both personal and professional settings.
  2. Personal Relationships:
    • The importance of sharing life goals and aspirations with your partner.
    • Strategies for fostering stronger bonds and minimizing misunderstandings through aligned objectives.
    • Real-life examples from my 25-year relationship journey.
  3. Professional Relationships:
    • Articulating a clear vision to keep employees engaged and motivated.
    • Aligning team efforts with organizational goals for cohesive and productive work environments.
  4. Preparation and Luck:
    • Balancing preparation with the element of luck in achieving success.
    • How being prepared increases the chances of favorable outcomes.
  5. Continuous Improvement:
    • The significance of seeking feedback and prioritizing long-term growth.
    • Incorporating personal values into everyday decisions for sustained harmony and success.


  • Develop and adhere to a personal “north star” to guide your decisions.
  • Openly communicate life goals and aspirations in personal relationships to work towards a shared future.
  • Clearly articulate organizational visions to keep employees motivated and aligned.
  • Embrace preparation while acknowledging the role of luck.
  • Commit to continuous improvement and feedback for long-term success and harmony.

Call to Action: Reflect on your own guiding principles and consider how effectively you communicate your vision in both personal and professional spheres. Take steps today to align your relationships with these insights for a more harmonious and successful future.

Listener Challenge: This week, take time to discuss with a partner or team member about your shared goals and visions.


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