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Business, Finance and Soul was created to spark a conversation and build community around three of the biggest pillars in our life. Tackling subjects surrounding the drive and strategy of business while pursuing personal finance mastery is as relevant today as it has been for 50 years. The big shift in the last decade has been the increasing conversation around meaning and purpose. 

Our goal is to stitch these seemingly separate topics into one podcast and to inspire thought beyond our recordings.

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Our Desire To See The Future
July 16, 2024x
18:5915.41 MB

Our Desire To See The Future

As humans, we have an intrinsic desire to see around the corner, to know what the future holds. This yearning is rooted in our need for preparedness and safety. The unknown can be intimidating, evoking feelings of anxiety and fear. We crave certainty because it provides a sense of control and comfo...

Creating Your Vision and 25 Years In My Relationship
July 09, 2024x
24:5920.49 MB

Creating Your Vision and 25 Years In My Relationship

Navigating Relationships with Vision and Communication Episode Theme: Today I celebrate 25 years of commitment to my wife. In fact, my anniversary got me thinking about personal and professional relationships. As I reflect on the journey of my marriage, it was abundantly clear that my wife and I ha...

The Power of Perspective
July 04, 2024x
16:4313.7 MB

The Power of Perspective

The Power of Perspective: Navigating Life’s Challenges with a New Lens Life is full of twists and turns, whether you’re steering a startup through turbulent waters or grappling with personal challenges that feel insurmountable. The key to navigating these tumultuous moments often lies in one crucial...

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Excellent communicator and love the topics

Shaun is an excellent communicator and provides very insightful views to a diverse range of topics in business, finance and life! I love the topics that he’s handled so far, especially the small imperfect steps and complacency episodes. The small imperfect steps episode hit at the right time as I was procrastinating ...

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Excellent Topics & Engaging Conversation!!!

Shaun has a natural ability to communicate complex topics in an engaging and relatable way. He has a talent for breaking down financial concepts, and thought provoking subjects and topics that cover a wide range of interests. His podcast is accessible to a wide range of listeners. Such an essential skill when it comes ...

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