Quarter and Midlife Crisis?
Business Finance and SoulMay 07, 2024x
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Quarter and Midlife Crisis?

When someone is grappling with a genuine identity crisis, it's crucial to seek appropriate help and guidance. But what about those around us—our friends, family, or even ourselves—who are simply undergoing a natural process of change and growth?

The midlife crisis is a familiar concept. Parents who splurge on a two-seater Corvette once the kids move out are often dismissed as reckless. But hold on—maybe they're just embracing a new chapter, harnessing their newfound freedom to propel themselves forward.

And what about the recent college graduate who opts to travel the world after just a couple of years in the workforce? Have they gone off the deep end?

Today, let's explore the idea that maybe there's no crisis at all. Instead, what we’re seeing is the evolution of our own or someone else's life story.


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