Andrew Dewar - Discovering The Next Version Of Yourself
Business Finance and SoulMarch 18, 2024x
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Andrew Dewar - Discovering The Next Version Of Yourself

Today, I had a great conversation with Andrew Dewar.

Andrew is the co-founder of Five Year You, and he is a serial entrepreneur and certified public accountant (CPA). His dedication to financial freedom led to national recognition when he achieved the remarkable feat of paying off his mortgage in just six years. 

Andrew offers more than his financial acumen, however. He’s a personal development enthusiast and a resilient soul who has triumphed over numerous obstacles. This has led him to be a passionate advocate for the power of self-improvement. 

Andrew’s journey has seen him engage in profound inner work to conquer personal traumas, explore various therapeutic approaches, and amass a treasure trove of insights that he now shares with unwavering kindness and vulnerability.

Andrew’s story is a testament to the transformative power of self-discovery, growth, and what it truly means to choose happiness. 

His experiences have not only equipped him with the knowledge and strength to guide others but also instilled in him a deep sense of empathy for all human beings on their unique paths of self-improvement. 


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